Research and Reports


Fortitude Energy Consultants possess a deep technical knowledge of most major petroliferous basins across the globe as well as in North America.

We have evaluated both unconventional and conventional oil and gas opportunities in North America from financial and geotechnical perspectives. Most recently we have completed a detailed analysis of the Bakken Petroleum System for financial clients and have presented a sample of this analysis below.

This sample research report can be accessed at:

Recalibrating the Bakken-Seeking Opportunity in the King of Oil Shales- ONLINE SAMPLE- 7 Dec 2016


Over the last 6 years we have analyzed almost all of the major North American Resource plays. The focus of these reports was geological categorization of play fairways, generation of area type curves and recognition of supply costs. These reports were generated primarily for financial clients.

•        Mississippian ‘Lime’ Resource Play-Kansas- 2012
•        The Colorado Group Resource Plays- Alberta- 2012
•        Alberta Bakken- Southern Alberta and Montana- 2011
•        Duvernay Shale in Central Alberta- 2010
•        Marcellus Shale- NE Pennsylvania-2010
•        Eagle Ford Resource Play, Supply Costs and Analysis of Leveraged E&P’s- Texas- 2010
•        Pekisko Subcrop Play Evaluation- Princess Area- Alberta- 2009

In addition, prospect generation and risk analysis has been undertaken on behalf of several E&P clients Western Canadian Sedimentary basin and the several of the other Rocky Mountain basins including the Powder River and DJ Basins. A sequence stratigraphic study was conducted for a client in 2016 on an area of heavy oil resources in Western Saskatchewan.

A sample report from this study can be accessed via the link below:

Mannville Sedimentology and Resources Assessment- SAMPLE REPORT- March 2016


We have also conducted proprietary basin studies research on many key petroliferous basins in South East Asia. These reports were largely conducted prior to 2009 and included:

•      Central Basin Myanmar
•      Eastern Thai-Malay Basins
•      Central Basins, onshore Thailand
•      Frontier Sunda Basin- Deepwater Indonesia
•      Natuna Sea Basins, Indonesia
•      Yellow Sea and Subei Basins, China
•      South China Sea Basin, Taiwan-China

research and reports
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