Company Operations

company operations

Fortitude Energy Consultants have operated projects in North and South America, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

Our focus on safety and environmental care has always been of fundamental importance to us. We have conducted exploration activities without incident in sensitive ecological environments and carefully adhere to environmental regulations. We pride ourselves in being adept at integrating into foreign Operations


In onshore central Thailand, we pioneered the first horizontal multi-lateral production well, and ran an environmentally vigilant production operation for almost a decade.


We enhanced the quality of life in the local community, operating seamlessly and synergistic-ally in the local environment.


We have also conducted exploratory programs in South America and as well as marine and onshore seismic programs in Austral-Asia and Africa. 

The images on this page are all from our previous operations!

Safety, protection and care of the environment will always be of primary importance to us.